How to find your feet (and F.L.I.P F.L.O.P.S) again in a new world of travel

Let’s Play Bamboozled!

So, the first F.L.I.P F.L.O.P.S contestant Emily, Media Assistant at Sunny Heart Travel, has had an amazing adventure abroad to The Algarve region of Portugal, but it’s now time for her to find those last-minute trinkets of treasure and bag some special souvenirs (whilst spilling some secrets to having a safe but super trip) in the FINAL ROUND of my interview questions!


What great phrases have you learnt to speak in Portuguese? How friendly were the locals?

“I think it’s so important to get to grips with some of the language, so I tried to brush up on polite terms as much as I could. The locals were impressed at dinner times when I toasted a merry “saúde!” meaning “cheers!” The Portuguese really are some of the most hospitable people in the world!”


How did you spend your last day in Portuguese paradise?

“For my last day in paradise I had a final leisurely breakfast at Hilton Vilamoura Hotel in the sunshine al fresco with local freshly squeezed orange juice. The lovely staff at the front desk helped to print out my documents I needed for returning to the UK. Once I was all packed, I made sure I had time for a last dip in the pool and for soaking up that last bit of sun around the gorgeous hotel.


What trinkets of treasure did you buy for yourself and for friends and family? Bottles of legendary port wine, or perhaps the ‘Barcelos rooster’ or Portuguese rooster said to bring Good Luck?

“I made sure to grab some goodies for my family and friends! I skipped the port and went for the Algarve’s own ‘green wine,’ which was my favourite on the trip. For my brother, I had to get some of the magical colour-changing ‘Sharish’ gin. Finally, some sardine pate and a big bag of locally made sweets!”


What required Covid-19 tests and/or paperwork did you prepare for your flight back to the U.K?

“I needed to get a PCR test in order to get my flight home. In Portugal you have to get these done by a medical professional at a clinic, but my hotel helped to organise all of this for me so it was stress-free. Just make sure you ask when you check in so that it isn’t left too late! That way, you can truly sit back and relax at the pool and beach without a worry. The last bit of preparation required completing the Passenger Locator Form on the UK Government website. It was really clear to fill out and then I printed these and was all set for my return!”


How did the Sunny Heart Algarve Resort Experts help you with this stage of your journey?

“Tiago and Duarte were so helpful! They made sure to have me picked up at my hotel by a driver named Mario at 11 am, giving me plenty of time to get through the airport security, which was great and very reassuring. They also had made sure I had my test done to the correct standard so I didn’t have to worry about my homeward journey, which helped calm any nerves I had previously about travelling solo too. I loved having some holiday time away from it all, just to myself and glad I went for it!”


What surprised you about your holiday to Portugal after so long living the limitations of lockdown life at home?

“It felt fantastic to be out in the wide world again exploring! I think we all deserve to give ourselves a pat on the back after this last year, and getting abroad is a great way to do it!”

How ‘free’ did you feel to enjoy your holiday with the extra safety precautions in place now?

“The safety precautions have become second nature to us all by now, so really I didn’t feel restricted at all.”


If you were staying more than 3 night’s in Portugal, what other thrilling things and peaceful pastimes would you have been able to fit into your holiday, if you’re booking a longer holiday of 7 or 14 nights?

“I didn’t manage to try any crazy fun water-sports this trip and was pretty jealous when I saw people whipping around on water-skis and banana rides… But, oh well, it gives me an excuse to come back one day and get stuck in! (If you can get me off my sunlounger that is!) I loved being back at the beach… So exploring more of the gorgeous beaches and going on a port tasting tour in the Douro Valley would be top of my list.”

Any other wise words to share with fellow travellers ready to explore the wonderful wide world once again?! Holidays are on the horizon…

“My number one tip for traveling during this time is PRINT YOUR DOCUMENTS! There are a lot more things you have to show at different stages of your journey nowadays. So, to make it quick and easy, I would definitely recommend having a hard copy. Those showing test results and forms on their phones tended to take twice as long to get through security checks. Oh, and if you are jetting off to The Algarve, do yourself a favour and book a longer stay! I had such a super time there, Sunny the Sloth and I just didn’t want to leave so soon…”

That’s a sure sign you’ve had a great holiday then?!

“I feel amazing after my Portugal holiday… So refreshed! I felt safe and happy on my travels from start to finish. I’m already looking for my next opportunity to travel and I hope everyone does the same too!”

So, in the first of this wonderful and wacky Bamboozled Blog Series of F.L.I.P F.L.O.P.S, I promised to find out: Will Emily be flying sky high back to good old holiday bliss in this new world of travel? Well, the answer is most definitely “Yes!” Congratulations Emily, you are truly a winner in worldwide travel after finishing your first trip abroad after lockdown!

In a few precious days away in a slice of Portugal paradise you too can enjoy stepping foot on the golden beaches, topping up your tan, tasting as many local treats as you can and taking in the sights, sounds and captivating culture! (Oh, the joy of holidays!) It might be time for Emily to bid a gracious goodbye or ‘Adeus’ to her thrilling yet thoroughly relaxing 3 night’s stay in Portugal, but it’s time for all of us to say a happy hello to a new magical holiday re-start on the horizon!

So, when you’re ready and the rest of the world is ready, we at Sunny Heart Travel are most certainly ready and here to help you put your best flip-flop forward for a safe, money-savvy and sensational holiday full of sunshine! You too can fly sky high back to holiday bliss in the new world of travel…

This is the GRAND FINALE of my Bamboozled Blog Series called F.L.I.P F.L.O.P.S… So, Thank You for following and I hope you too make your own series of happy holiday memories with your nearest and dearest family and F.R.I.E.N.D.S…

T.H.E  E.N.D

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