If you’re looking for the ultimate all-encompassing destination, North America holidays pretty much have every base covered, from spectacular natural beauty to cosmopolitan cities, activities for kids, opportunities for adventure, culture and world-class beaches. The only problem is narrowing down your options.

Yellowstone National Park spans three states in the USA and is an absolute must for outdoor enthusiasts. Its dramatic and spectacular landscape consists of canyons, mountains, forests, rivers, hot springs and the largest collection of geysers in the world, including the legendary Old Faithful.

Over the border in Canada, the scenery offered up by the Rocky Mountains is nothing short of heart-stopping. From the staggering mountain reflections to be seen in the likes of Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, to the cascading waterfalls and beautiful wildlife, you’ll never have another experience quite like it.

If the spectacular icy conditions offered up by winter in the Rockies appeals, then the 13-mile long Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska should also be near the top of your hit-list, while Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Whistler, not far from the Rockies, are great for skiing.

Holidays in North America also open up the possibility of visiting a whole host of fascinating, cosmopolitan cities. New York City’s attractions are well documented and not to be missed, but its Canadian counterpart, Toronto, deserves airtime too. San Francisco – with sights like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz – is also a popular spot and Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Vancouver are excellent options for city escapes.

For family holidays in North America, Florida has to be the stand-out choice, with Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios and even the Kennedy Space Centre to keep the kids entertained. But across the continent, San Diego Zoo, Vancouver Aquarium, Washington’s International Spy Museum and Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada, all make for great days out with youngsters.

With sweeping Atlantic and Pacific coastlines, there are also wonderful options for North America beach holidays. South Beach in Miami is great for youngsters, while Hawaii serves up pure paradise. Waimea Bay Beach Park in Oahu is perfect for surfing and chilling on its stunning golden sands, while Hanalei Bay in Kauai offers perfectly calm swimming conditions in the summer and good surf in the winter – but all year round is set against the jaw-dropping backdrop of 4,000-foot emerald mountains.

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