If you’ve ever had a picture of paradise in your head, the Maldives is guaranteed to be everything you dreamed of and more – and then a bit more too.

The collection of islands, south-west of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, are well worthy of any postcard or travel brochure, with their soft-as-clouds, pristine white sandy beaches, stunningly crystal-clear waters and dreamy weather all making for the ultimate holiday destination.

For couples, holidays in the Maldives provide unrivalled romance, relaxation and luxury, making it a popular destination for honeymooners. But family holidays in the Maldives can easily be enjoyed too. With more than 100 resorts (each its own private island) to choose from, plus guesthouses owned by the warm and welcoming local population, these breath-taking islands cater for all. There are even specific islands, such as Kandolhu and Finolhu, for all-inclusive holidays in the Maldives.

Relaxation and ‘chill-time’ is the order of the day here. Flicking through a good book and sampling the various cocktails on offer is pretty much as strenuous as your holiday needs to get.

Although, if you’re after something a bit more active and adventurous, Maldives holidays are particularly popular amongst the diving community, with a whole underwater world of dolphins, manta rays and whale sharks to explore. Honestly, The Little Mermaid has nothing on the waters of the islands’ coasts. And if this sounds like your perfect activity, you can even leave the wetsuit at home, as the water is so blissfully warm a bikini or swimming costume is more than adequate.

If you’re into food or once-in-a-lifetime experiences, booking a spot at Ithaa on Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is an absolute must. The award-winning restaurant, and first of its kind in the world, takes dining experiences to a whole new level as you tuck into the six-course menu, 16 feet under sea level, surrounded by marine life.

Each of the islands of the Maldives brings its own experience, and Sunny Heart Travel can help find the perfect spot for your holiday of a lifetime.

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Tue, Aug 3
Heavy rain 27.7 / 19.7℃
Heavy rain
Wed, Aug 4
Patchy rain possible 28.6 / 27.9℃
Patchy rain possible
Thu, Aug 5
Patchy rain possible 28.2 / 19.2℃
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Moderate rain 28.4 / 24℃
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Moderate rain 27.9 / 17.9℃
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