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Dubrovnik’s reputation as a European hotspot has taken off in recent years, especially since the Croatian coastal town’s medieval sites were used extensively as locations in Game of Thrones.

But if you don’t know your Stark of Winterfell from your Arryn of the Eyrie, no problem, as Dubrovnik has much more to offer besides. With its City Walls, Cathedral, Old Town and St John Fortress, the UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts history and stunning architecture in abundance.

And, as with most Croatian coastal destinations, there’s great food, drink and sea kayaking to be enjoyed too.

Walk the Walls of Dubrovnik as your first port of call. It’s a fantastic way to see the city and take in the spectacular views across the Adriatic Sea. Within the walls, the old medieval city is the beating heart of Dubrovnik. Here, you’ll find historic buildings such as Rector’s Palace, Dominican Monastery and Lovrijenac – a 16th century seafront fortress which now hosts theatrical performances.

Holidays in Dubrovnik are packed with breath-taking views from various points in the city and among the most mesmerising are those from Srd. The Dubrovnik Cable Car provides easy access from the Old Town up to the observation point on the hilltop.

Just a short boat ride from Dubrovnik is the island of Lokrum, a beautiful spot to escape the city. On Lokrum, you’ll find botanical gardens, plenty of walking trails, the historic fort royal and several beaches.

Beach holidays in Dubrovnik can also be enjoyed on the mainland. Bellevue Beach is perhaps the city’s most scenic, padded with golden sand and set against a backdrop of towering cliffs. From several points along the coast, you can also head out into the Adriatic for a spot of sea kayaking.

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