Zambia is the ultimate holiday destination to tick a once-in-a-lifetime safari off the bucket list in the birthplace of walking safaris.

South Luangwa National Park, in the east of the country, is reported to be where walking safaris first took place, so it’s the perfect spot to begin holidays in Zambia. It also happens to be one of the best places in Africa to see big game, so you’re almost guaranteed to come across a lion or two on your travels! Meanwhile, visitors can also learn from the park’s outstanding guides about recognising different animal tracks and which plants are safe to eat.

If travelling around the landscape on foot isn’t for you, not a problem, Zambia has plenty of game drive options too, allowing you to cover more ground during your trip.

There’s even the opportunity to try out a canoe safari for a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Head to Lower Zambezi National Park, where there are large numbers of elephants, zebras and buffalo, all of which will be perfectly at ease as you pass quietly on the river. It’s obviously a great chance to spot crocodiles and hippos too – just don’t fall overboard trying to find them!

Despite being landlocked in southern Africa, you’ll still find the most spectacular stretch of water across the whole continent in Zambia. Victoria Falls is a simply stunning sight to behold as millions of litres cascade over the edge every single minute, creating an absolute feast for the eyes and the ears.

Many visitors will experience the Falls from the Zimbabwe side, but fortunately, Zambia holidays present a fantastic chance to see them in all their beauty from a different -but equally impressive – perspective. Knife-Edge Bridge is a dreamy (if slightly wet) vantage point from which to experience the Falls, while you can also take a dip in Devil’s Pools during low water season. There are also plenty of romantic riverside lodges to stay in, perfect for couples.

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