Top 10 kiddie holiday highlights for family fun in Porto

Top 10 kiddie holiday highlights for family fun in Porto

World-famous for its palate-pleasing port, this tantalising tipple was named after the post-card perfect Porto, the impressive coastal city in northwest Portugal. But if you’d rather avoid popping too many corks of the city’s famous port wine and instead begin bursting a party popper of holiday fun that’s suitable for ALL the family, here’s 10 great ways to keep the kiddies endlessly entertained without even stepping foot on the sand (although Porto boasts many blissful beaches too!)

1. Go gently down the stream

Instead of port wine tastings, enjoy a classic trip along the rippling Douro River for a merry Six Bridges Cruise with your favourite crew, together as a family! Little legs will be excited to hop on board and and you can all sit back and “Take 5” in peace (or perhaps that should be 6!)

2. Quality time with each ‘otter’

Portugal Holidays Kids Porto Holidays PortugueseHave fun spotting otters at Gaia Biological Park, for a bit of environmental education to entertain nature-lover families. With over 200 more species of animals as well as plant life to see in this nature reserve, you have thirty-five hectares for your little ones to roam around the twisted trails to their heart’s content.

3. Trail around in a tuk-tuk or tram

Portugal Holidays Kids Porto Holidays

Sit back and relax as you all experience the fantastic sights and sounds of Porto uniquely by tuk-tuk… Your kids will love it! Tuk-tuk transport is a fun novelty, nifty around narrow historical city streets and is a knowledgeable ride if you take one with a guided expert on a tour!

4. Hunt for trinkets of treasure

Portugal Holidays Kids Porto Holidays Portuguese

The beloved Barcelos rooster or Portuguese rooster will call for your attention at every souvenir shop as you wonder around Porto, with its pretty painted colours to happily wake you up! These roosters are said to embody the Portuguese love of life and bring Good Luck, so grab a gift or two at Porto market, Mercado do Bolhao, and a happy memento for your kid’s holiday keepsake boxes or scrap books.

5. Pick up a palate-pleasing Portuguese pastry in Porto

Portugal Holidays Kids Porto Holidays Portuguese

Although “Pick up a palate-pleasing Portuguese pastry in Porto” sounds like a fun tongue twister, the Pastel de Nata, a sweet and creamy custard tart, will certainly tantalise your taste buds and become a sweet introduction for your little ones to traditional Portuguese desserts. You’ll find them freshly made in the cafés and bakeries amongst other flavours too, like zesty lemon or orange as well as vegan options. You might find port infused pastries too (a treat just for the adults!) Your kids are sure to love the chocolate pastel de natas or incredible ice-cream also on offer!

6. Jump onboard a unique ‘ocean’ adventure

Portugal Holidays Kids Porto Holidays Portuguese

Visit The World of Discoveries, a fun and Interactive Museum and Theme Park that follows the Portuguese navigators across the seas as they discover a previously unknown world. Eat at their restaurant too and let the kids also enjoy a culinary voyage with food from Portugal, Africa, India, China, Japan and Brazil to bite into!

7. Glide sky-high on a cable-car

Portugal Holidays Kids Porto Holidays Portuguese

For an amazing panorama of Porto and the Duoro River take the Teleférico de Gaia, a steep cable-car ride (as long as you’re not afraid of heights!) Enjoy the short but sweet journey in a gondola cabin of your own and see how much the kids can spot with their eagle eyes! Running over the rooftops of Vila Nova de Gaia will have them feeling like giants!

8. Dare to walk under the shark tunnel

Portugal Holidays Kids Porto Holidays Portuguese

Take a closer look at around 5000 thrilling marine creatures at SEA Life Porto for a fascinating underwater adventure. As Sebastian the crab says in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, “Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor… Such wonderful things surround you, what more are you looking for?” Always a holiday highlight for the kiddies; life is better under the sea!

9. Spot tiles in the Old Town

Azulejo Tile Portugal Holidays Kids Porto Holidays Portuguese

Back at home, choosing tiles for a DIY project may sound like a tedious task (especially with kids) but the stunning ceramic azulejos tiles of Porto provide an alluring activity as you wander along the Old Town. Have fun with your kids counting as many different coloured tiles as you can set eyes on as these glazed gems are celebrated on walls, arches, door frames, floors, houses and more, as a real celebration and pop of Portuguese culture! Can you hunt down tiles of treasure in ALL the magical colours of the rainbow? Have fun discovering ancient stories on some intricate tiles and listen out for traditional tunes. Experience the entertaining national music of Portugal with some Fado, either performed by talented street musicians or enjoy the tunes whilst eating many memorable meals together. If you fancy a street art adventure by a Portuguese artist, view Joana Vasconcelos’s 20 metre wide mural which has over 8,000 brightly hand painted tiles!

10. Grab a spell-binding snap

Portugal Holidays Kids Porto Holidays Portuguese

For big fans of Harry Potter, be sure to grab a social-media-ready photo on the staircase at Porto’s breath-taking bookshop, Livraria Lello, famous for its similarity to Hogwart’s Grand Staircase. Porto was the place J.K. Rowling called home for several years and rumoured to have been an inspiration to her writing. Porto is sure to cast a spell, leaving you falling in love with this city… Magical!

Your family stories created on your Portugal holiday here are sure to be a thrilling page-turner of summer fun, laughter and lots of precious family cuddles together watching the dreamy sunsets! More than merely a beach break destination, Porto offers plenty of great things to see and do that’ll keep ALL the family happy, not just the kids! So, which of these 10 alluring activities will become YOUR favourite holiday highlight?

*Friendly notice: In case some venues may be temporarily closed, please first check usual opening times remain to ensure your visit isn’t affected in these extraordinary times, so you can continue your holiday seamlessly!

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