Sadly, we can’t promise you troops of ring-tailed lemurs singing ‘I like to move it move it’, but at Sunny Heart Travel, we can assure you holidays in Madagascar will leave you dancing for joy.

Located off the coast of Mozambique in south-east Africa, Madagascar is an island that enjoys a tropical climate, with monsoon season extending from November to April, and the summer and autumn months experiencing cooler, drier weather.

When it comes to outdoor adventures, you’ll likely search long and hard for a more stunning destination, and still come up empty handed. Madagascar holidays are the creme de la creme for nature lovers and adventurous travellers, with rainforests, mountains, canyons, rice paddies and deserts all ingredients in a huge and perfect recipe for diversity.

Alongside the film-star lemurs, fossa, whales, couas, mongoose, frogs, sharks and turtles are just some of the species which call the island and its surrounding waters home, not to mention baobab trees, palm trees and orchids.

The best way to encounter the county’s wildlife is with a guide through the various parks and reserves, particularly at night when Madagascar’s plethora of nocturnal inhabitants come alive. Ronomafana National Park, towards the east coast, is the ideal starting point to experience the widest cross-section of wildlife, while Kirindy Reserve provides a great chance to spot fossa, and Amber Mountain National Park is the place to go for Madagascar red owls. You can even head to Ile Saint Marie for whale watching.

If you dream of family holidays in Madagascar which get the adrenaline pumping, you won’t be disappointed by the opportunities. 5,000 kilometres of spectacular coastline makes for a treasure trove of watersports experiences. For the real daredevils, the waters of Nosy Be provide the chance to swim alongside whale sharks and a host of other sea life. On dry land, Tsaranoro Reserve – also known as the Sacred Forest – is a great spot for climbing and paragliding, while for a stunning caving experience there’s no better place than Ankarana National Park.

Aside from wildlife and wild activities, Madagascar also has sumptuous cuisine to sample, which is as diverse as the landscape. Tuck into koba akondro (banana dessert) and ravimbomanga sy patsamena (sweet potato leaves with dried shrimp) for a real taste of the nation.

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Fri, Jul 30
Patchy rain possible 16.8 / 12.3℃
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Sat, Jul 31
Partly cloudy 17.7 / 9.7℃
Partly cloudy
Sun, Aug 1
Partly cloudy 17.6 / 6.5℃
Partly cloudy
Mon, Aug 2
Partly cloudy 23.3 / 10.1℃
Partly cloudy
Tue, Aug 3
Partly cloudy 22.3 / 9.5℃
Partly cloudy
Wed, Aug 4
Partly cloudy 19.8 / 6.1℃
Partly cloudy
Thu, Aug 5
Patchy rain possible 18.1 / 10.1℃
Patchy rain possible
Fri, Aug 6
Patchy rain possible 19.9 / 12℃
Patchy rain possible
Sat, Aug 7
Partly cloudy 20.7 / 7.9℃
Partly cloudy

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