Whether you’re after a wonderful waterpark on your hotel doorstep or prefer free entry tickets to one that’s right by your hotel, we’ve got splashes of fun and adventure waiting for you and the whole family! Book with Sunny Heart Travel for the perfect water park holidays in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy and Turkey… Spectacularly sprinkled across all of Europe in fact! Or, if you’re looking for long-haul holidays, we have hundreds of Water Park Hotels in more exotic destinations such as Asia, Australia, or the Caribbean, that also dazzle with drops of waterpark dreams, streams, jets, jungle rivers… You name it! We’ll let you into a little secret… A top family favourite for fantastic Water Park Holidays has to be The Aqua Show Park Hotel in postcard-perfect Portugal. It’s a real kiddie holiday highlight!

Water Park Hotels and Water Park Holidays mean you can easily keep the kids entertained all day long! They’ll love the wave pools, raft rides, splash pads and amusement parks, to name but a few that most resorts offer. Oh, and of course, you can expect a huge range of super slides… Some dash straight down in a second with a huge SPLASH! Others weave in and out, up and down and twist and turn for what seems an eternity, before you trundle out of the tunnel and plunge into paradise again! There are giant ones that host a handful of people at the same time and sweet small ones that suit the very young. You can find stripy slides, rainbow slides and even bright slides with neon lights!

Dip your toes in our terrific depths of choice for the best Water Park Hotel Holiday for you… A sun-soaked adventure awaits that’ll keep ALL the family happy (and that’s all you ever wished for, right?!) A tall order that our talented travel advisors can happily help you reach!

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