Out of this world beaches, spectacular hiking trails and breath-taking off-shore adventures, holidays in Djibouti are an outdoor paradise and offer a colossal and diverse adventure playground.

Located on Africa’s east coast, where the Red Sea meets the Gulf of Aden, Djibouti has largely gone under the radar when it comes to African holiday destinations, but that simply means there’s a wealth of untouched beauty to explore.

When flying into the country, you’ll land at Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport in Djibouti City, pretty much the only built-up area in the whole country, which gives an indication of what to expect.

If you’re looking for fascinating museums, water parks, art galleries or general purpose-built tourist traps, you’re out of luck. But what Djibouti holidays lack in man-made attractions, they more than make up for in natural wonders, with a drive for ecotravel at the heart.

Beach holidays in Djibouti are one of the main draws for any visitor. Take a trip to Khor Ambado Beach and you could be on any tropical island in the world. Aquamarine water laps at the pristine white sand stretching along the coast, set against a backdrop of rustic landscape. While it’s tricky to get to – a 4×4 is a must – the peace and tranquillity is worth the effort, plus it’s a highly-rated snorkelling spot too.

Heron Beach in Djibouti City and Arta Beach, further along the coast, are also beautiful spots to soak up the sun or to head out into the water.

Qualified Scuba divers won’t want to miss the chance to check out some of Djibouti’s sensational dive sites, where you’ll regularly spot a host of marine life, including dolphins.

At 150 metres below sea level, Lake Assal is the lowest point on the whole continent and a truly spectacular and dramatic place to visit, particularly at sunset. Surrounded by dormant volcanoes and black lava fields it can feel a little apocalyptic but when the descending sun hits the salt lake, it will leave you speechless.

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