An island wrapped in a cosy hug of coral reefs and stunning sandy beaches, holidays in Antigua offer luxury and relaxation on a plate.

But as enticing as the beaches are, there’s bundles of history plus an intriguing mix of Caribbean and English cultures here too that’s not to be missed.

Handily, if you can afford to stay for a year, the island boasts 365 beaches, so you can literally visit a different beach every day of the year. Sadly for most of us, a week or two is probably our limit, so we’ve narrowed down your choices.

Nestled on the south-west corner, Darkwood Beach is everything you’d expect from beach holidays in Antigua. A long stretch of glorious white sand, lapped by turquoise water, it’s pure heaven. The only downside is it can get busy. For a quieter, but no less stunning option, head to Green Island. Accessible only by boat, facilities are limited but it’s so serene that it’s perfect for couples looking to escape.

For those looking for a more active getaway, Antigua has some great hiking opportunities which reward you with spectacular views. Wallings Nature Reserve, towards the south of the island, leads to the beautiful Rendezvous Bay Beach, while Mount Obama at 1,319 feet, is the highest point on Antigua, giving great views.

We promised you history, and English Harbour doesn’t disappoint. On the south coast, the area was a base for the Royal Navy during the 18th century and retains its heritage. Nelson’s Dockyard is among the island’s top attractions and boasts a naval history museum, as well as restored buildings which are used as restaurants, shops and bars. Nelson’s Dockyard National Park also provides great hiking opportunities. The Pillars of Hercules and Shirley Heights Lookout are also fantastic local spots to enjoy.

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