Trinidad & Tobago

The dual-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago offers an array of wonderful opportunities, from beautiful beaches to mouth-watering food and stunning natural attractions.

The street food is to die for. From doubles, which is two flatbread served with curried chickpeas and a range of chutneys, to the hugely popular corn soup and coconuts, which you’ll find absolutely everywhere, there’s a whole variety of deliciousness to tuck into. Quite frankly, have you even been to the Caribbean if you haven’t cracked open a coconut kerb-side and indulged in its juicy goodness? We think not!

Equally, beach holidays in Trinidad and Tobago are pretty spectacular too. Maracas Beach, one of the most popular in Trinidad, is located on the north of the island, a short drive from Port of Spain. Here, you can give the local delicacy bake and shark a try – basically deep-fried shark in deep-fried bread. As Maracas Beach is pretty popular, you’re more likely to find peace and quiet on one of the other nearby beaches, such as Tyrico Beach, but be aware there aren’t many facilities here.

For truly jaw-dropping coastal scenery, Tobago is where it’s at! Many locals from Trinidad head over to the smaller island for holidays and we’re happy to bow to their superior knowledge. Tobago boasts Pigeon Point Beach, on the south-west tip of the island, which not only has beautiful white sand but is also great for watersports enthusiasts, while midway along the northern coast, you’ll find Englishman’s Bay Beach which is beautifully secluded and wonderful for snorkelling.

Elsewhere, Trinidad and Tobago holidays also offer fantastic nature experiences. Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve is home to the rare Sabrewing Hummingbird and the spectacular multi-level Argyle Waterfalls, just south of the reserve’s border, are a must-see and great for a quick dip.

Over in the south-west of Trinidad, La Brea Pitch Lake is the largest natural asphalt lake in the world and something of a geological phenomenon. The natural springs, with high levels of Sulphur, are also a popular place for a swim thanks to their healing properties.

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