Discover top 10 true treasures of Tunisia

Souks, spices, stunning sunsets across the Sahara Desert, a sense of wild adventure as well as a calming touch of serenity… Tunisia has all the treasures that unlock a truly sensational getaway. It might well be a small country in North Africa cosily tucked in-between the magnificent Mediterranean Sea and Sahara Desert, but each region has a LOT to offer! Here are ten reasons why Tunisia should be top of the list for your next holiday:

1. The short and sweet flight time
With an average flight time of 3 hours from the UK, just a short journey will get you to this exotic destination… a romantic African adventure for the two of you could be closer than you think!

2. The sizzling Sahara Desert
No trip to Tunisia is complete without a once-in-a-lifetime safari across the unique landscape of the Sahara Desert by camel-back! If you’re more of a thrill-seeker then you can also take to the dazzling dunes by quad bike or land sailing vehicle or let an expert guide lead you in a 4×4 wheel drive.

3. The wonderful world-class wellness
Tunisia is one of the best wellness destinations in the world, so if you like to indulge in a spot of pure pampering, you’re definitely in the right place! Enjoy all the therapeutic qualities of your usual shiatsu massage, but whilst floating in warm water known as a ‘watsu’ massage (a combination of the words water and shiatsu). If you thought being enveloped in a cosy bubble bath was your idea of relaxation, this definitely takes rejuvenating your mind and body up a notch! Watsu can help you reach a new level of total rest, allowing the body to recover so much that you feel as refreshed as having a great night of deep sleep.

4. The wide range of thrilling activities
Whether your top game of choice is a relaxing round of golf on the green, racing the beach in a dune buggy or chasing the waves on a jet ski, there are ample activities on land, sand and sea to suit your leisure. Try snorkelling in Haouaria, sailing in Sousse, or beach activities and watersports in Djerba. I opted to speed along the sand dunes in Djerba on a quad bike! The nail-biting, white knuckle ride certainly did not disappoint (the island is the largest of North Africa off the coast of Tunisia, and is known to be shaped like a molar tooth, after all!)

5. The magic of the medinas
Here’s where you’ll find an endless treasure trove of traditional Tunisian delights throughout the many mystical medinas, the towns, where you can enjoy a day meandering through the maze of market places called ‘souks.’ Take your pick from a kaleidoscope of colourful pyramids of spices, ‘babouche’ – traditional heelless slippers, jewellery, pretty ceramics, detailed tunics, jasmine perfumed soaps amongst many other beautiful souvenirs on offer. You’ll also see some artisans at their best, carefully crafting their objects before you, as I did in a pottery store in Djerba. I found the locals welcoming and skillfully creative, many earning a living through making and selling pottery from clay sourced from quarries in the village of Guellala. You can try spinning the pottery wheel yourself at some stores, too!

6. The glorious gourmet food
All that shopping surely calls for a little break – try the refreshing mint tea and pine nuts. Perhaps bite into a ‘brik’ which is a savoury stuffed pastry that’s triangular-shaped and a tasty traditional delicacy. Or for a sweeter option, ‘bambalouni’ is a traditional sugary warm doughnut. Get more familiar with the delicious local cuisine with a taste of couscous, Tunisia’s national dish. Or try another staple, their hearty lamb ‘gargoulette,’ a stew cooked for hours in a tightly sealed pot that looks like a jug on its side. One thing that will make you fall in love with Tunisia certainly is the food, glorious food!

7. The sunny climate and sparkling Mediterranean coastline
Thousands of kilometres of it, in fact, decorated with clusters of islands, too! Coupled perfectly with the welcoming warm climate, Tunisia ticks another box of holiday musts: sunny beaches as pretty as a picture. Head to the fishing port of Kelibia to soak up the scenery under the African sun – it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Who’s craving that happy holiday heat at the moment?! You can get your well-deserved fix of sunshine sooner than you think, too, as early as March through to June (the sooner, the better, right?!)

8. The awe-inspiring history
There are numerous archaeological attractions, if historical facts and retracing the tracks of past civilisations are your thing, many of which are UNESCO structures. It’s hard not to be impressed by the largest Roman amphitheatre in the world outside Italy, El Jem, near Sousse which could hold around 35,000 spectators. Visit Kerkouane to see the only Phoenicio-punic city to have survived, Carthage, to discover the ancient city of Hannibal or Dougga for an epic archaeological site that covers an area of 75 hectares. There’s so much rich history in Tunisia to fascinate and perhaps even convert you into a lover of historical heritage, especially when you can take in the stirring stories whilst riding round ruins on some tours by horseback!

9. The luxury accommodation
You can truly relax in comfort during your stay – all of the hotels in Tunisia you can book with us at Sunny Heart Travel are rated 4 and 5 stars. For the more daring amongst you, why not try an overnight tour staying in a luxurious campground in Ksar Ghilane. Sit back in the stretching infinity of the Sahara Desert under a twinkling starry night sky, and watch one of the most breath-taking sunsets and sunrises there is to see. This definitely offers something a little bit different… that exciting and extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime experience you can cherish for years to come.

10. The escape to another galaxy
Yes, there are many exciting ways to escape and enjoy this desert but you’re in for a real treat if you’re a Star Wars fan. Be prepared to be starry-eyed as you’re taken to glimpse and explore the famous film’s locations of ‘Mos Espa’ on the planet ‘Tatooine’ yourself! You’ll feel like you’re in another galaxy as you venture there from Nefta, which is the closest town and oasis, and set foot inside a few of the buildings. Or, if you’d rather, swap Star Wars for Sidi Bou Said, on the outskirts of Tunis, where you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to another country altogether – Santorini! The picture-perfect white and blue houses of this Tunisian village are known to look remarkably like those that are classic in Greece and is a photographer’s dream.

There you have it: 10 strong reasons why North Africa is calling you… May the force be with you in convincing you just how easy it is to have an unforgettable exotic Sunny Heart holiday when you adventure to the treasure trove of Tunisia! Magical medinas, mystery, mindfulness, mouth-watering food and the shimmering mirage of the Sahara Desert and more await you…

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