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Champagne on ice? Superb service that is second to none? Plenty of stunning scenery and splendour? Exquisite food and à la carte dining to satisfy your appetite? High-quality comforts offered in abundance? Sound like your kind of holiday indulgence?! If the answer is “Yes,” we can make your precious time away one to truly remember forever with one of our fabulously first-class holidays, for ultimate luxury. Experience the finer things in life with our 5-star top-of-the-range hotels, ready to wow you at every moment. Enjoy all those picture-perfect panoramic views, so vast and vibrant they take your breath away. You can look forward to this, as well as those little extra details that make all the difference to your day… How thoughtful!

Looking for top-notch trips and tours that are out-of-this-world, too? Ask one of our expert travel advisors here at Sunny Heart Travel about memorable activities you’ll happily reminisce about for a lifetime. We have so many unique experiences all around the world to offer you, that are just unbelievable! Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion like a milestone birthday or wedding anniversary, or going all out, “Just because,” you won’t be disappointed with our outstanding and opulent Luxury Holidays on offer. Wake up in paradise with a smile on your face and begin each day of your stay like a dream. Breakfast is served… Bon Appétit!

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