Long Haul Holidays

Let a long-haul holiday whisk you far away to the treasures of the tropics, to a place where the ocean water is bath-warm, the sunshine is balmy and the bright white sands are pillow-soft… Why don’t you make yourself at home in a picture-perfect paradise like this? If you listen to the swept-up sea conch, we’re convinced it’s whispering that everything great in the world is worth waiting for. Just sit tight, relax on your flight and you’ll arrive sooner than you think!

How about the mesmerising Maldives, or there’s Thailand, Jamaica or Cuba, too, for the touch of the exotic? Perhaps the bright lights and vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas has already caught your eye? Let time run away with you and enjoy your quality long-haul adventures at affordable prices with us, year after year.

Oh, and you needn’t be fooled into thinking long-haul is a once-in-a-lifetime experience meant for honeymooners who are head-over-heels in love, or for those willing to spend more as it’s further to fly. A long-haul holiday can in fact cost the same as a short-haul trip, depending on when and where you book, which is great to hear, right?! We’re confident long-haul holidays could soon become your long-term favourite way to fly!

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