Holidays in Qatar provide the perfect blend of heart-warming culture and tradition, with an eye-popping array of ultra-modern, state-of-the-art sights, not to mention stunning beaches and desert landscapes.

And if you’ve not already fallen in love with the idea of Qatar holidays, how about watching camel racing in the desert, discovering the ancient art of falconry and taking a stroll around Al Thakira Mangrove Forest. Sold? Us too.

A compact nation nestled in the Persian Gulf, Qatar is rapidly becoming a big player not only in the Middle East but worldwide.

With capital Doha preparing to rival Dubai as the most dynamic and modern city in the Gulf, already hosting Moto GP’s Doha Grand Prix and with an ever-evolving skyline, it’s a great time to visit and see it in its ascendancy.

The Museum of Islamic Art is a world-class offering, while Doha’s gargantuan shopping malls – you can even hitch a ride in a gondola around Villaggio Mall – and brand-new Metro system really bring it into the 21st Century. But that’s not to say Doha lacks culture and tradition, because it’s oozing from every corner. Whether it’s the atmospheric Souq Waqif, the fascinating Falcon Souk, or the beautiful Coniche promenade, Doha proudly puts its heritage on a pedestal.

Beach holidays in Qatar also hit the mark. In the heart of Doha, Katara Beach allows you to dip your toes in the Persian Gulf, while just a short boat ride from the capital, Banana Island is great for enjoying family holidays in Qatar, with banana boat rides, kayaking and water slides all on the agenda.

Couples might enjoy heading to the stunning natural wonder that is Khor Al Adaid, or ‘Inland Sea’, towards the south of the country. The nature reserve, described by UNESCO as a ‘remarkable landscape’ has its own ecosystem, with the sea intruding into the desert, providing a truly breath-taking spectacle (and not a bad spot for a marriage proposal…no pressure!).

Something slightly less romantic (but no less fun!) to enjoy is camel racing – with a 21st-century twist – at the Al Shahaniya Camel Racetrack in Ash-Shahaniya – the twist being the camels are ridden by robot jockeys.

And if you’ve well and truly had enough of your other half, you can send them on a trip down the Musfur Sinkhole – the largest sinkhole in Qatar, plunging more than 300ft into the earth. Knowing this, it’s probably best to stay in the good books!

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