From the romance and poetry of Paris, to the crystal blue waters of Saint Tropez and the glitz and glamour of Monaco, France is a guidebook writer’s dream. In fact, why not whip out the cafetière, brew yourself a coffee and butter a croissant to perfectly set the scene as we sweep off your feet with France’s unique charm. Everything you could possibly want from a holiday is encased within the beautiful country – and all just a short hop away from home.

From stunning art and architecture, to heart-wrenching history, pristine beaches worthy of the Caribbean, mouth-watering cuisine, crisp wine and rolling landscapes, holidays in France provide such a varied offering, the biggest decision lies in narrowing down the options.

Paris is the obviously place to start, particularly for couples looking for a romantic escape. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and Louvre Museum are all staples for any visitor, but there’s a sophisticated nightlife, a plethora of hidden gems to be uncovered and a chic café culture too.

If there’s one thing more relaxing than sipping a latte outside a Parisian boulevard cafe, while nose-deep in a great book, it’s reclining with a cocktail on the pristine sands of the French Riviera. Saint-Tropez, Nice, Cannes – of film festival fame – and Monaco offer some of the most stunning beaches to be found across the whole of Europe, while the rocky isle of Corsica is also not be missed for Instagram-worthy France beach holidays.

But if getting a sweat on is more your thing, there are few more perfect destinations in the whole of Europe.

Thanks to the Tour de France, it goes without saying that the country is a treasure trove for cyclists. Grab your bike, throw on your Lycra and head to south-eastern France for a real challenge, as the ‘Beast of Provence’ whips up Herculean levels of lactic acid in the thighs. For a gentler, but equally beautiful adventure, the Loire Valley provides the perfect compromise. It also happens to be famous for its world-class wines, so cheers to that!

But it’s not just budding Chris Froome’s who can enjoy their ideal active break. Normandy and Bordeaux are dreamy spot for canoeing and kayaking, while Biarritz is a surfer’s paradise.

Of course, a piece about France holidays isn’t complete without setting our taste buds on high alert by exploring the country’s magical culinary scene. From snails to frogs’ legs (yes, it has to be done), to oysters, crepes and the smelliest French cheeses you can sniff out, the French menu is the gift that keeps on giving. And that’s before we’ve explored the incredible range of wines to sample. For the connoisseur, Champagne is naturally the region of choice – though we could also say the same for Bordeaux, Reims, picture-perfect Colmar, medieval Avignon and so many more besides, so you’re on to a
good thing no matter where you end up.

If beer is more your scene, Marseille offers a friendly pub culture, while Lyon is great for a lively night on the town.There’s so much beauty and culture to be uncovered in this stunning country, whatever you settle on for your next holiday in France, you can’t possibly go wrong. And we’ll happily raise a glass of Chablis to that!

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