Here’s how to enjoy the best of both worlds with affordable bites and unforgettable sights!

Do you have a place you could forever return to? Vivacious Venice is that place for me, which even after visiting three times, holds endless wanderlust (and I discovered it’s not just for couples on a romantic holiday spree!) I first visited with five University friends, again with family for a Mum-and-Daughter trip and thirdly with my Husband as part of our honeymoon. Whoever you’re travelling with here on a city break, there’s one thing we all have in common: our love for fantastic food… authentic, appetising, impossible to resist food and let’s face it, you’re spoilt for choice when in Italy.

For fabulous yet affordable food on the go, these are my top six places, the six jaw-dropping jewels on the crown, (or should I say Venetian mask?) so you can make the most of bargain bites and the breath-taking sights around you. Here’s how you enjoy the best of both – yes, you can have your crostoli, and eat it too!


The place? Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasto To Go (Calle Casseleria, 5324, 30122).
The order? “Fungo di pollo pasta fresca, per favore!” = Chicken & Mushroom fresh pasta, please!
The price? Approx. €7.
The taste? Smooth and succulent – “Mozzafiato!” = Breath-taking!
The ‘take-away?’ This pasta place may not be a fine dining restaurant, but the food is arguably tastier, fresher, and for half the price. Perfect for mouth-watering food on the move so you can take in the breath-taking brilliance of Saint Mark’s Basilica, the Piazza San Marco or Doge’s Palace which are under a 10-minute walk away (just mind the pigeons!) There, food prices are so much more expensive!



The place? Q Food & More (Sestiere San Marco 5464, 30124).
The order? “Ciambella zebra, per favore!” = zebra doughnut, please!
The price? €2.
The taste? Sticky and sumptuous – “Fantastico!” = Fantastic!
The ‘take-away?’ For a quick food-fix on the go, this is a little secret gem of a place with rows and rows of daintily coloured doughnuts in the window oozing with that sweet and sticky icing. The smart, modern style and pretty patterned floor tiles in bold black and white equally caught my eye. You’ll also find the pizza here is less messy, as it’s cut into bite-sized squares and served with a skewer so you can happily (and elegantly) eat whilst still exploring on your feet!


The place? Suso Gelatoteca (San Marco 5453 San Marco, 30124).
The order? “Cornetto di gelato al cioccolato e menta, per favore!” = Mint chocolate chip gelato cornetto, please!
The price? Depending on scoops, approx. €4. (Go on, treat yourself!)
The taste? Refreshing and rich – “Squisito!” = Fabulous!
The ‘take-away?’ There are endless flavours available from cool mint, sweet fruit to bitter coffee, and all are Instagram-ready. One of my favourite Italian rituals is a passeggiata, a stroll or walk, usually in the evening, with family and here’s the best part – it often involves gelato! What’s not to like about this Italian tradition, where you get to take in the street-life, stress-free, whilst dipping into a generous scoop (or two) of ice cream?! Why not take a meander over Venice’s oldest bridge across the Grand Canal, the Rialto, too? It’s right on your doorstep here – the only challenge is gorging your gelato before it melts!


The place? Pasticceria Rosa Salva (Sestiere di S. Marco, 950, 30124).
The order? “Pistachio choux à la crème, per favore!” = Pistachio cream pastry, please!
The price? Approx. €5.
The taste? Tart and tangy – “Delizioso!” = Delicious!
The ‘take-away?’ Pyramids of profiteroles, cream puff pastries, double chocolate cake… the counter is full of fancy treats if you’re ready for a quick afternoon café break. The Rosa Salva family know their desserts, especially pastries. Their story began in 1870 when Andrea Rosa organised ‘home lunches’ to be enjoyed and eaten at Venetian palaces and villas. Antonio Rosa, known as “Salva”, also became successfully famous for his cooking skills and together their experience and craftsmanship of refined pastry over many generations shows today. Their classic Italian coffee smells sweet and balmy and is the perfect partner to a pastry, too.



The place? Farini (Sestiere Castello 5602, C/o campo San Lio, 30125).
The order? “Pizza di formaggio e pomodora di capra, per favore!” = Goat’s cheese & tomato pizza, please!
The price? Approx. €4.
The taste? Authentic and appetising – “Buonissimo!” = Very good!
The ‘take-away?’ It’s a good sign when you see the locals enjoying their morning coffee and breakfast bite to eat here because it shows the food and service must be superb! It seems it’s not just lunch and dinner that Italians celebrate as this café’s mantra is, ‘Do we need to remind you that breakfast is the most important meal? We are ready to make you start the day in the best way!’ That’s the reason I chose this place which is great for a lunch option too, especially if you fancy a sit down. Although it may not be the cheapest place I found, the pizza was one of the best I tasted! There’s lots of choice of tasty toppings or focaccia on offer here plus pastry treats too (if you have room for more of course!).



The place? Mauro El Forner de Canton (Sestiere San Polo, 603 Rialto).
The order? “Zaletto con cioccolato, per favore!” = Chocolate chip Zaletto, please!
The price? €3.
The taste? Crunchy yet crumbly – “Ottimo!” = Great
The ‘take-away?’ In venetian dialect, the z of Zaletti is soft, often pronounced “zaeti.” This was the last crumbly treat I replied to with, “Grazie,” – thank you before my onward journey to Rome. Zaletti are great for on the go – perfect to save for my 6 am water-bus ride out of this foodie heaven of a city (they’re typical Venetian biscuits, and are boat shaped, after all!)

Venice is full of mouth-watering flavours as well as the magical twists and turns of streets and stunning sights to see! Will there be a fourth visit for me? The answer certainly is, “Sì!” Whether it’s your first (or fourth) time in Venice, I hope you enjoy every bite you choose to eat whilst exploring on your feet, Buon appetito!


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