Your kids are probably jumping up and down, dancing with excitement at the thought of your upcoming family holiday… in five, six, seven, eight or more sleeps to go! Before you swap your slippers for your flipflops, get your kids involved and follow these fantastic tips:

A is for All aboard!

Ask your kids to choose one or two small toys, which they can enjoy looking after through the maze of bag check-in at the airport.

TOP TIP: Make sure the sewing fairy makes a special visit to label any of their favourite toys with a name and contact details, or bring a spare!

B is for Bundle of journal joy

Buy a travel journal or scrapbook for each of your kids. They’ll have hours of fun filling them in before, during and after your holiday. Include plane tickets, leaflets and print photos once you’re home. It can then become a lovely holiday keepsake, full of family memories to smile about in years to come!

TOP TIP: Print out some keywords and their translations for the whole family to practice together. If you’re visiting a Spanish-speaking country, for example, greet the locals with Hola for Hello and Adiós for Goodbye. Learn other useful words, such as, Por favor for Please and Gracias for Thank you.

C is for Create a playlist

Before you travel, allow your kids to choose songs they love and create a music playlist, ready to play through headphones on the plane. (A few moments of peace will be music to your ears, too!)

TOP TIP: Take a double headphone jack if you have two children, to ensure you’re not travelling upstream trying to row, row, row your boat without a paddle!

D is for Dream Big!

Little minds will be all the more fascinated about flying if they learn a few fun facts first. There’s a whole world of wonders they can learn by travelling to new places – just watch the holiday excitement twinkling in their eyes.

TOP TIP: In the weeks before your flight, read a couple of bedtime storybooks, about passports, planes and cabin-crew. It’s as easy as A, B, C!

E is for Early bird catches the worm

Flight times, terminal gates and suitcase weight limits may be whirring around your head, but if you make flying fun for your kids, time on the journey will whizz by in a jiffy. The first time I flew on a plane at a young age, my Mum made sure I had a window seat, which added to the excitement of the flight. To help your little ones feel as free as a bird, be sure to book plane seats with a view in advance, so take-off and landing can be a thrilling ride!

TOP TIP: Pack a few suitable sweets to save your kids any ear-ache from the air-pressure changes, for a smooth flight ahead.

F is for Fun Factor

Let your little ones choose their own suitable kid’s comic or magazine, to save for the plane journey. Choose ones with puzzles inside and activity pages that will keep them amused for longer on board and perhaps in resort, too!

TOP TIP: Save this as a treat to choose from the shops at the airport, which will happily pass the waiting time. Most offer a free little toy which will ramp up the fun factor!

I hope you all enjoy preparing at home for your exciting journey ahead, so you can continue the holiday fun on the plane, to infinity and beyond!

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